Image Transitions

Transitions can be created for the whole image or for individual elements within the image. If created for the whole image, the image will use the background as a base. Individual elements will use the image as a base. Use the 'Node' dropdown to select either the whole image or an element within it. If a node selection already has transitions, those transitions will be opened by selecting the node.

Add New Transition

Transitions can be chained, i.e. played one after another. Transitions will be played in the order that they are defined in the 'Transition' section. When multiple nodes or elements are selected, the animations will run in parallel. The transition startup can be delayed by entering a millisecond value in the delay field.

Clicking on the plus icon after 'New Transition' will open a popup and allow the creation of a new transition type. Click on the required transition type.

Select Transition

The types are:

N.B. When there are no existing transitions, a hyperlink 'Copy Transitions from an Existing Element' will be shown. Click on this to open a popup that presents a list of current transitions. Select one of those transitions to copy them to the currently selected element.

All transitions have the 'Duration', 'Delay' and 'Easing' options.
Basic Transition Properties

Exclude Transition at Runtime