Trial Downloads

Please note you must be using SAP Dashboards 4.0 SP2 or greater. If you are having problems with the samples freezing, please upgrade your version of Xcelsius

IMPORTANT: If you have any older versions of Inovista components installed on your copy of SAP Dashboards, please download the most recent versions.The underlying libraries have been updated and this may cause a clashing problem.

The downloads are in zip format and consist of the .xlx file of the component(s) and several .xlf files that can be used as examples. The only current restrictions on the demo applications are a mention in the Dashboards property sheets that the components are not licenced and that Inovista components in files exported from Dashboards will output a 'Demo Version' string of text after 7 days.

A user guide is also included in the product. For more information, a range of tutorials that walk through how to use the components in Xcelsius can be seen at Tutorials

To install the .xlx, open SAP Dashboards and select 'Manage Add-Ons' in the file menu.

For the Free Products, a serial code will be sent to the email address you enter in the form below.

All feedback, positive or negative, is welcome! Please send comments to the following email address:

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