Resize Image and Background

When an SVG image has been loaded into the Inovista Animator, it is loaded into a background. When deployed, the SVG image will be placed into an SVG Background. This allows the possibility of moving the image itself within the background.

In the Animator, both the background and image sizes can be adjusted. The image itself, can be set in either pixel sizes or as a percentage of the background.

Image and Image Background

Once an SVG file or  a project has been loaded, The image and background can both be resized by using either to toolbar above the image or the background and image size options in the 'Image Project' section of the left hand side of the Animator.
Use the toolbar above the image to make plus or minus size increments to the image and background.

Clicking on the '-' button will reduce size and the '+' button will increase size incrementally. Clicking on the image in the middle will open the size options in the 'Image Project' section.

Resizing from the Image Project Section

In the image project section, both the background and image can be resized. For the image alone, there is the option of using either a percentage of the background or pixel values to set the size. To change from one to the other, click the 'Pixel/%' button. N.B.The ratio of the width to height cannot be changed. To change this aspect of the image, open it in an SVG editor, make the changes there and then reload into the Animator.

Once the changes have been made in the text field, click the arrow button at the end to apply them.