Frequently Asked Questions Micro Charts

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1) Q: Why are charts or shapes not visible when I preview them?
A: The most common cause of this issue is that a chart or shape has no data values. If the charts are not showing when previewed, check that the chart or shape has its data values correctly set.
2) Q: How do I bind legend values from the spreadsheet? How do I make more space between the columns?
A: Where applicable, in the General/Legends tab, there is a bind property called 'Bind Legend Text'. Use this to source the chart legends from the spreadsheet. Download an xlf with an example.
3) Q. How do I set a minimum and maximum range for charts?
A: In the General/Chart tab, where applicable, you will find the 'Chart Minimum' and 'Chart Maximum' properties. Bind or enter the values you require. Don't forget to select the checkbox at the end of each of these properties to make sure they are read.
4) Q. Can I include more than one data line in the charts?
A: You can do this by using the target values which are typically used for an alert as the data values. In the Alerts/Define Alert tab, select the 'Draw Targets as Line' option. Download an xlf with an example.
5) Q. How do I import external images to use in the Shapes component?
A: You can use up to 5 external png images in the Shape component. In the General/Custom Images tab, navigate to the image files you want to include, then click on the relevant 'Load' button. Then in the General/Shapes tab, in the 'Shape' column dropdown in the table, you can select 'Image1', 'Image2' etc for the Shape. 'Image1' will be the 'Image 1' file selected in the Custom Images tab. Download an xlf with an example.

6) Q. How do I include a hyperlink in a Text component?
A: In the Text Indicator property sheet, select the 'Use HTML Text' checkbox. Either enter or bind the hyperlink text from the spreadsheet. Sample text would be '<a href=""><font color="#ffcc00" size="18">Inovista</font></a>'. Download an xlf with an example.
7) How do I include create a range bar with a Shape component?
A: Setup a Shape in the standard way, use external images if required. In the General/Range Bar tab, select the 'Use Range Bar' checkbox and then set the minimum and maximum values for the bar. Download an xlf with an example.
8) How do I remove the background of the Traffic Light component?
A: In the General/Chart tab of the Traffic Light component, set the 'Base Alpha' slider to 0.
9) Q. How do I make the component invisible/visible at runtime?
A: In the Behavior/Click Visibility tab, select the 'Test Visibility' checkbox to tell the grid to check if it should be set to visible or not. Use the 'Status' bind property to select a spreadsheet cell to define the value that will be tested. Bind or enter the 'Key' value. When the 'Key' value matches the 'Status' value, the component will be visible, otherwise it will be hidden.
10) Q. How do I add the component to an Inovista container like the Floating Background?
A: The Inovista containers check a spreadsheet range to know what other components to include. To add the grid to the range, use the 'Output ID' property in the Behavior/External Bind tab.
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