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Multi-Toggle & Repeater Buttons

An example of a toggle button with 4 values and a repeat button that continually changes the background as the mouse is held down over the button. There is also an example of moving components at runtime. Move the slider to re-locate the title.

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Increment/Decrement Buttons

This sample shows an example of a button that increments a spreadsheet value when a mouse is held down over it and another button that decrements the value in the same way.

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Image Buttons

In the swf, the map buttons on the left are 'Advanced Images'. Here the buttons also show a rollover effect.


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Repeater Buttons Inc Dec Eg SVG Background Map

Dynamic Label Location

Use the padding option to create dynamic label locations for a pie chart. You can also rotate the labels to reflect their correct angle.

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Use Padding to Resize & Locate Shapes

In this sample, a basic bubble chart is created using 'Circle' shapes that are located and sized based on dynamic values in the spreadsheet.

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V1.4 Upgrade

A wide range of dynamic alerting has be incorporated into all the Text Shape components.

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Pie Labels Bubble Chart EG Flash eg

List of Text/Shapes

A view of the text and shape components that are available in the Text Shape Suite. Move the mouse over some of the components to view 'Mouse Over' effects.

Example of Shapes