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A Customized Map

The customized map is created using individual Wikipedia Commons maps combined in Inkscape. Layers are used to locate resorts and add Micro Charts to the map. Clicking the map updates the dashboard.

Download xlf files(SP3)

More Customized Images

This sample contains a customized map generated from freely available chart plus a set of SVG flags. All the maps and flags can be clicked to update the dashboard. The flag images also contain text that is updated using external data.

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A Basic City Click

This sample shows an example of layering, the California counties can be made visible or invisible. Franchise cities are shown depending on the selected year. Franchises have dynamic tooltips and can be clicked to update the dashboard.

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Island Resorts Assorted Addons Franchise Example

Color Change Map

An imaginary region with color coded sections. The colors of the sections update as the underlying target values are changed.

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Load Different Images

A sample using non-map type images. These images can be clicked to present further images. In the drill image, the textual values are dynamic.

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Using Miniature Map as Index

Here 2 maps of Pennsylvania are used. They are the same map with one of them miniaturised and used as an index for the larger. There are also examples of rollovers, clicks and double clicks being read.

Download xlf files (SP3)

Demo Regions Image Drill SVG Background Map

Motion, Highlighting and Shading

Using simulated layers, sections of an image can be highlighted, shaded and moved.

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SVG Text Scaling

As of SVG Controller v1.2, SVG text now scales correctly. Notice that there is a slight time lag between dragging the slider and the text adjusting.

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Move and Scale Shapes at Runtime

As of SVG Controller v1.2, You can now move, resize or scale individual paths and shapes at runtime.

Download xlf files (SP3)

SVG Background Map SVG Text Scale Move and Scale SVG Paths