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A Customized Map

The customized map is created using individual Wikipedia Commons maps combined in Inkscape. Layers are used to locate resorts and add Micro Charts to the map. Clicking the map updates the dashboard.

Download xlf files(SP3)

SVG Toggle Buttons

A selection of SVG Toggle Buttons that open/close backgrounds and change underlying data in the spreadsheet.

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A Basic Toolbar

This sample shows an example of an SVG Backgroud used as a draggable toolbar. The toolbar can be hidden or shown with a toggle button.

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Island Resorts Toggle Buttons toolbar

SVG Gauges

A selection of different SVG Gauges.

SVG Speedometers

A selection of different SVG Speedometers.

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Maps on an SVG Background

Maps of company offices in 3 different world regions placed on an SVG Background component that can be shown/hidden and dragged. A toggle button opens and closes the background.

Download xlf files (SP3)

Gauge Examples Speedometers Regional Offices