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Tree Grid and Other Components

A Sample Dashboard containing a Tree Grid that is driven by an SVG Map Component. Click the various buttons to show components that can ajust target values in the tree indicator columns.

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Assorted Add-ons

A Sample Dashboard containing a Data Grid driven by two different SVG Image components. A basic show/hide help system is also available.

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Micro Chart Dashboard

A results style dashboard containing a variety of Data Grids combined with standard Xcelsius chart components.

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Island Resorts Assorted Addons Data Grids

Tree Node Search

A sample with a facility to search through the tree nodes. There is also a popup mini map of the USA and Indonesia. A click on a state or province of the mini map will send you directly to the relevant tree node.This example also contains an image column.

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Use a tree grid to represent the results of a survey. A question takes the required space on the row. Columns can be shown or hidden at run time.

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Investment Quotes

A Data Grid using Micro Shape Range Bars to provide an indication of the status of an investment within the range details of the current year.

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Tooltip Eg Tree Grid Drill Quote Board

Tool Tip Examples

A sample using custom tooltips on some of the columns that demonstrates that tool tips can be dynamic and styles can vary from column to column.

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Drill Down in Tree Grid

An expandable tree grid as a simple scorecard containing Micro Charts and indicators. Also presents an example of clicking the chart for a drill down effect.

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Tooltip Eg Tree Grid Drill