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Micro Charts and Shapes

Micro Charts and Shapes set on an SVG Controller map. The shape indicates the status of the final month against trend and presents a dynamic html tooltip. A toggle button at the top switches source data.

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Drag and Scale Micro Charts

Placing Micro Charts onto an SVG Background component allows you to drag and scale all the components using the SVG Background as a control container.

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Create Range Bar from Images

Create a range bar using standard and external images for the shape. The shape changes as the value in the slider is updated.

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Islands Chart Charts on Background Range Bars

Micro Chart Samples

A basic swf with samples of the various Micro Charts that are updated when different months are selected in the list box at the top right.

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Micro Chart Alerts

Several Micro Charts demonstrating alert capabilities. Some of the charts are also showing alerting effects, for example a flashing red light on the Traffic Light.

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Micro Chart Effects

Two Sample Mico Charts showing differing opening behaviour and a drill effect when clicked.

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Chart List Chart Alerts Chart Effects