Tree and Data Grids


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The Tree and Data Grid Components are very powerful productivity tools that help a designer to create standard or hierarchical tree structures using an item from the Micro Chart Suite for each column. Bind a column to a spreadsheet data range to create as many charts in the column as there are rows of data. Many 100's of charts, shape, image and text indicators can be managed from a single tree or grid component. Many potential applications can be addressed with the grids, for example, a sophisticated score card.

The primary purpose of these visualizations is to be able to display as much meaningful information using the minimum screen real estate without baffling the end user.

Micro Charts Example

The grids are available as Xcelcius© add-ins and come with a very powerful range of property editors allowing:

The charts which can be added as a column include: Micro Line (Sparkline), Micro Area, Micro100Bar (StackedBar), Micro Bullet, Micro Column, Micro Bar, Micro Plot, Micro Pie, Micro Win Lose, Micro Traffic Light.

You can also add Shape and Text Indicators. The Shape Indicator allows you to construct ad-hoc indicators or performance using either existing geometric shapes or external images.

The grids can be deployed within Inovista container type objects like the SVG Background. Once inside a container, they can be scaled, dragged around the Dashboard or hidden with the parent container.