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The Inovista Text and Shape Suite components contains a range of customizable geometric shapes and text with extensive editing capabilities that can be deployed to enrich and decorate Xcelsius© dashboards. External images can also be imported and used as a base for the components.  As all components may be defined to accept mouse clicks and change spreadsheet values, they can also be used as selectors such as standard, toggle, increment or repeater buttons. Spreadsheet values can also be employed to define component aspects such as the color and size. The location of the add-ons can be updated based on spreadsheet values and can then be used as independent indicators of value such as range delimiters or basic charts.

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The full Text and Shapes Suite includes the following components: Advanced Arrow, Box, Circle, Diamond, Ellipse, Elliptical Arc, Image, Line, Scalable Text, Star, Text and Triangle.

All the components are available as Xcelcius© add-ins and come with a very powerful range of property editors allowing:



The add-ons can be deployed within Inovista container type objects like the SVG Background. Once inside a container, it can be scaled, dragged around the Dashboard or hidden with the parent container. A typical usage would be to create buttons for a toolbar using the Advanced Image component.