Inovista Components for Xcelsius
We provide an innovative and advanced range of charting and visualization components that load seamlessly into SAP's Dashboards designer.

Tools and Components
mobile components
convert a Crystal Dashboard (Xcelsius) to an Android or Apple (iOS) mobile application.

Mobile Components and Tools. mobile components
Inovista provides a range of tools and components which can be used to convert SAP Dashboards (Xcelsius) to an Android or Apple (iOS) mobile application. Our Mobile Dashboard Reader is now available in the App Store. See our mobile section for more information.

iphone tablet
tree grids
The Tree and Data Grid Components are very powerful productivity tools that help a designer to create standard or hierarchical tree structures using an item from the Micro Chart Suite for each column. Bind a column to a spreadsheet data range to create as many charts in the column as there are rows of data. Many 100's of charts, shape, image and text indicators can be managed from a single tree or grid component. Many potential applications can be addressed with the grids, for example, a sophisticated score card. See products for more information or view samples. tree grids
micro chart
The Micro Chart Suite contains a full range of spark lines, micro charts, icons, text and shape indicators that can be deployed to create dashboards and scorecards that are both responsive and dynamic. See products for more information or view samples. You can now buy individual charts for only $39. The primary purpose of these visualizations is to be able to display as much meaningful information using the minimum screen real estate without baffling the end user. More about Micro Charts micro charts
svg components
The SVG Components range allow designers to create functional Xcelsius components from Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files. All components come with a range of templates that can be used as is or further customized in products like Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape. Current components include Speedometers, Gauges, Toggle Buttons and Groups and Floating Backgrounds. Please send us any suggestions you may have for new components. See products for more information or view samples. You can buy individual components from only $29. svg components
svg controller
The SVG Controller takes Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files and converts them into a component that can be used in Xclesius©. Use commercially available or open source SVG Images or create your own with products like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape.Once in Xcelsius, a designer can use the SVG Controller to define hotspots on any part or parts of the image. Hotspots are used to drive other values in the dashboard. A mouse rollover, click or double click on the hotspot can update the dashboard. See products for more information or view samples.
organization chart
The Organization Chart provides the capability of converting Excel spreadsheet data into a dynamic hierarchical format.
The chart is driven by the data in a spreadsheet range, which, of course, can be updated at runtime to reflect different organizations, departments or any type of employee hierarchy. As the data change, the chart automatically updates. This chart can be used for most hierarchical data structures. See products for more information
text shape suite
The Text and Shapes Suitecomponents contains a range of customizable geometric shapes and text with extensive editing capabilities that can be deployed to enrich and decorate Xcelsius© dashboards. External images can also be imported and used as a base for the components. As all components may be defined to accept mouse clicks and change spreadsheet values, they can also be used as selectors such as standard, toggle, increment or repeater buttons. Spreadsheet values can also be employed to define component aspects such as the color and size. See products for more information or view samples.
imt slider
The The IMT Slider provides a user with the capability of adjusting data ranges for Xcelsius components at run time. By dragging the tabs at either end of the slider a range of data is selected. Moving either of the tabs will result in a further adjustment of the data range. See products for more information imt slider
inovistaWho are we?
Inovista is a European based software house that started up in early 2009 in response to recurring customer requests for Xcelsius components to provide non-standard functionality. The Xcelsius components are currently being used in over 35 countries by more than 400 client organizations, including some of the largest companies in the world read more about us
android ios
Android and iOS Capabilities
Touch Scroll Lists
Floating, Draggable, Animated
Background Containers
Text Input Simulator.
The Swipe Manager
Scroll Suppression.
Long Touch Tooltips.
Scalable Components.
The Ability to Sub-Divide and Chain Applications.
The Mobile Application Builder.
More mobile capabilities
sap certified
News from Inovista
mobile applications
Mobile Applications
Dashboard Reader updated to version 2.1 with many, many new features and are availble on the App Store. Create applications for iPad and Android in Xcelsius with a genuine mobile feel. The Professional Reader is now free of charge. See our mobile section for more information.
product update
Product Update update
Juy 2013: Around 100 components are available for SAP Dashboards 4.0.The iOS Component Suite allows a developer to create native iOS components. The Mobile Components provide a set of add-ons for all platforms. All the component suites have been updated. (Please contact us for Xcelsius 2008 downloads)
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free products
- The Data Sharer
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organization chart
Organization Chart Released
The Organization Chart has now been released. More details
Specialist Property Editors
In addition to the standard property editors that are in common usage throughout Xcelsius, the Micro Chart components are delivered with a variety of specialist component editors. For example, the Gradient Color editor helps a designer to create a background or foreground of up to 6 colors in addition to the ability to define the transparencies and ratios of each color and the angle of the gradient.
free app
Install the FREE Nerja Climate app at the Apple App Store
app storeView an overview on the creation of the Climate of Nerja app. View video video
Download the XLF and image files that are used to create the Nerja Climate app that is available on the Apple App Store.
Nerja Climate Files